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We are not a corporation, not a national franchise, and not a dot com – we are a family-owned and operated service, matching local tutors to local students, investing in our community, and treating each student as a neighbor and friend. We have qualified tutors like Shelby with a Master of Atmospheric Science from the University of Wyoming, right here locally in Fort Collins. And Chris with a Ph.D. from UCLA, right here in Los Angeles.

We are committed to connectivity, a key element in achieving optimal results. The importance of creating a connection is why we offer a no-cost meet and greet and trial lesson to ensure an ideal tutor-to-student fit. We ensure this connection by closely and consistently monitoring the success and progress of our tutors and students alike. Further, maintaining a reliable connection is why we completely vet our tutors to ensure the safety and security of the students we serve.

We believe in building a partnership that maximizes the potential of every student. To Apex Tutors, tutoring is not just about grades, subject matter, or homework, but about creating an environment where students can begin building skills that will encourage success: like time management, organization, self-motivation, planning, and so on. We strive to partner with educators, families, and students to create a team that is dedicated to the unique success of each student.


We want our tutor to be a perfect fit for your family. That’s why we offer your first session FREE! Just reach out right here and we’ll get you the help you are looking for.